The Many Faces of Venice

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They say you must get lost in Venice to fully appreciate the mysterious charm and decadence of a city that defies nature.  We did not lose our way – ever!  Thomas, our resident Giovanni Caboto (AKA John Cabot) did not lead us astray.   With his guidebook and maps, we clamored up and down the  steps that led to the fish markets, churches, Campos and signature Murano glass shops.  Our hotel was positioned in the center of a neighborhood where people met in a park that led to the sea.  The bells rang in the morning to announce the beginning of a new day that promised sunshine, blue sky and smells of sea mingling with the aroma of fresh bread.  We left Vancouver with rain coats and spent 21 days without a rain cloud on the horizon.  And yes, at the end of our street stood the house that belonged to Giovanni Caboto.

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