I Could Not Resist

When I was growing up in northern Manitoba, temperatures would dip to minus 40 to 50 Fahrenheit. It was bitterly cold; even the moisture from my breath froze on my cheeks as I walked to school in the early morning. But it was never cold enough to mask the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread that came from the only bakery in our small town. I would slow down and inhale deeply before reluctantly moving on. Fast forward several decades, bakeries are still one of my favourite places. I slow down but I don’t move on until I first walk in..

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12 thoughts on “I Could Not Resist

    1. Sometimes it is important just to enjoy without worrying about our waistlines. You note I said sometimes – not All of the time!!


    1. Would love to stop by for tea/coffee and fresh bread at the Bieroc. By the way, that is an interesting name – Bieroc! There must be a story…


      1. We have a great bakery here. I buy the Apple-Walnut loaf a couple at a time and freeze them and have a piece in the morning with coffee. It started out as one bakery, I understand, now they are are all over the city–in St. Albert as well.


  1. Their “Bieroc” sandwich is like a runza. The parents opened the bakery many years back and now a son and his wife are owners. They make pizza crusts on a very large scale for resale, will cater meals, and of course, the bakery products are wonderful. Always several “coffees” are ready. They opened a “Listening Room” a few years back which is great fun – a wonderful evening meal and live music. That room is also the dining room off of the bakery. “German Heritage” in McCook!


    1. By the way, the Bierco website has artwork by Nicole Gustafsson who was born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska. She adds a softness to her colours.


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