The Birds by Myfanwy MacLeod

There are birds in Vancouver’s Olympic Village at the Southeast False Creek Plaza, 1 Athletes Way. Not the ordinary kind that flutters in the air currents above – The Birds prefer to guard the earth with their 18 foot (5.5 metres) presence.  Vancouver artist, Myfanwy MacLeod transformed the common sparrow into something extraordinary.

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“The Birds reminds us of our past, but it aspires to challenge the future. It is my hope that the work stimulates understanding that will lead to a greater sense of shared responsibility and caring. Myfanwy MacLeod, 2009


  1. WOW!!! I have to see this in person. Love the slide show! Thanks!


    1. Clanmother says:

      They are waiting for your visit!! And there is a lovely coffee shop nearby!!


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