The Lady with the Umbrella

The day was perfect – it was raining and there was a subtle mist coming off the ground. “I’m going out,” I said as I headed towards the door, camera in hand. “The lady with the umbrella and I have an appointment.”

The first time I saw the lady with the umbrella was when I was driving past her in a car. She was standing on the grass just off the sidewalk, her umbrella stretched out as protection. I waved and promised to come by on a rainy day.

My  lady shimmered in the rain, merging quietly into the greenery. But she turned out to be Apollo, a sculpture by Bruce Voyce. I have a feeling that the umbrella is really a representation of the sun. Still, I will always think of her as my beautiful lady with the umbrella.

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Art can instill a sense of connectivity to our environment. Sculpture can interconnect the realms of art, science, nature and humanity. Public art can act as a unified gesture of permanence. Nature gently reclaims technology; the landscape is integrated with the art, and the art with the land. With these sculptures the environment becomes a theatre, creating a world of possibilities and wonder.

Bruce Voyce

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