Thriving in a Global World


We live in a fast paced, ever-changing global community which thrives on the exponential growth of idea and knowledge exchange.  It is a dynamic world which demands our full participation.  Engagement is both exhilarating and challenging.  But there is always time to pause…and take a deep breath.

I happened upon this photo – it seemed to represent our reality.  We live fast, but we value moments of  beauty.

4 thoughts on “Thriving in a Global World

    • Hurry – when I look back, I really don’t know why I was in such a hurry. We seem to take care of the ‘urgent’ and sideline the ‘important” things in life.


  1. There is always time for beauty in the course of a day one has just to be still for a moment and look about.


    • I agree!! During the course of the day, I remind myself to see and observe – I believe that these are two different activities – so that I am more mindful of the beauty that surrounds me.


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