How I start my day…

I begin my day with a quote, a poem or a thought.  I have found these words inspire me to think differently, to consider alternatives, to embrace human experience and to seek the infinite.  Today, my thought was from August Strindberg (1849 – 1912) Sweden. Considered the father of modern Swedish literature, he experienced rejection before his theatrical breakthrough at thirty-two.   He was a renaissance man with a wide range of interests: painter, photographer, alchemist, philosopher and telegrapher.

“By attempting the impossible one can attain the highest level of the possible.”

Today, I will attempt the impossible.  Not certain what that will be, but I’m sure that I will find out as the day progresses…



  1. I heard today from someone successful that the important ingredient for success is enthusiasm. Good advice?


    1. Clanmother says:

      Absolutely!! Ralph Waldo Emerson agrees: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”


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