Bridge the Gap

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.”
Earl Nightingale

In our mercurial world, goal setting is a delicate undertaking.  Goals were once fairly concrete, verifiable and measurable.  It seems that we need to be more flexible and open to the subtle nuances of a shifting environment.

Published by Rebecca Budd

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2 thoughts on “Bridge the Gap

  1. I see where your are coming from. However, I still believe that goals must be concrete. Reaching the goal may be or must be often realized by changing methods because of environment or possibly because of physical or financial restraints or many other things. (when rereading your article I believe we agree.).


    1. And sometimes our goals simply change. What was so important one day, may be irrelevant the next. What is possible one day, may not be the next. i.e. I walk more than I run now. And then a new opportunity may come that was not there the day before. That’s what is so exciting about a new day – I never know what new adventure will come my way.


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