A Tree to Climb


When I was 9 years old, I wanted desperately to climb the tallest tree.  But I had (and still have) a problem.  I am afraid of heights.  To this day, I take a deep breath before going on a downward escalator.

I did climb that tree – crying all the way up the branches.  My friend, Carol, who went ahead of me, begged, cajoled, and encouraged me all the way to the top.

I’ll always remember that tree, but I will never forget that I had help!  No regrets…

“The mistakes I’ve made are dead to me. But I can’t take back the things I never did.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Published by Rebecca Budd

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4 thoughts on “A Tree to Climb

  1. Oh, how my heart goes out to your 9-year old self! But how I admire her too. What a great life lesson to learn at such a tender age, and it’s never too late for any of us to learn…!


    1. That was the day when I realized, if you want to accomplish something really important, it is best to take a friend, a kindred spirit, with you. We are all brave, but not all of the time. Courage needs to be shared. But it also needs to be accepted. We live in a world that rewards independence. What we really should celebrate is inter-dependence. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.


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