Focus is a remarkable two syllable word.   I first heard it in Kindergarten when I was told to focus on the blackboard, then in grade school when I was learning my multiplication tables.  It followed me to university and into the workplace.  Focus on marketing; focus on sales. Lost without it, I dutifully packed it up and took it home to focus on being a mother, a wife, cook and housekeeper.

This week I will highlight – yes, you guessed it – focus. I must confess that while I can apply the term to a variety of scenarios, there are times when I forget the power that resides in the word. Much like a sunrise is only a foreshadowing of the power of a mid-day sun.

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8 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Oh, this is an excellent one! I am currently thinking a lot about one aspect of focus – the Jim Rohn quote vis the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret. A no-brainer in one respect, but boy, does it require focus to put it into practice!


  2. Did you ever put on someone else’s reading glasses and try to read? Everything is blurry! That is one definition of “out of focus”. It seems to me that we have to see our goals clearly before we can accomplish or realize our goals.


  3. It is a great word to say to yourself. It is even a greater word when said out loud to husband. One can say it quick and snappy all by itself. FOCUS!

    Also very effective when drawn out as in “Would – you – please – fooooooooooocus.”


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