The other day, I put on my glasses and knew that I needed a new prescription. Life was just a little on the fuzzy side.

I think imagination works the same way.  There is a slight, yet noticeable lack of clarity – until we embrace the possibilities offered by our hopes and dreams.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
Mark Twain

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8 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. You’re amazing!! I’ve just been writing something very similar in my Morning Pages. We are certainly on the same wavelength! This is what I wrote this morning: “I used to believe in magic, but my mind couldn’t accept the possibilities. It told me it was all in my imagination. And so I stopped believing. The magic disappeared from my life, and I was sad. I remember some words I heard in a film “If You Believe”: “You used to believe in magic, but you stopped believing. That’s why you never found it.” Now I heartily embrace my hopes and dreams. I choose to live every day believing in magic, in miracles, in the mysterious. And my heart has come back to life.” Thank you so much. It’s wonderful to find someone who understands!!!


    1. We are truly kindred spirits, living on the opposite sides of the world. Your wisdom and joy of life is a refreshing breath of hope. Thank you so much for stopping by and adding “magic” to the profound and meaningful experience of living.


  2. Thanks to all the artists, writers, musicians and others who imagined and saw and produced many of our treasures. I believe that from “the heart” or from inside of all of us beautiful things may come. May tolerance, integrity and love of others rule over our imaginations.


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