If a Thing is Good…


 “The key to artistic photography is to work out your own thoughts, by yourselves. Imitation leads to certain disaster. New ideas are always antagonized. Do not mind that. If a thing is good it will survive.”

Gertrude Käsebier

Gertrude Käsebier, born in 1852, lived through American Civil War, the abolition of slavery, the women’s suffrage movement, WWI and the beginnings of the Great Depression. She had a unique way of looking at the world.  Her photos create stories that resonate within our hearts and minds. She accepted her responsibilities of a wife and mother even as she fearlessly pursued her artistic calling.  Many of Gertrude’s photographs highlighted the deep, even sacred bond between a mother and child.

Gertrude Käsebier used her talents to mentor and encourage other women to launch a career in photography – a new art form for a new century.

I earnestly advise women of artistic tastes to train for the unworked field of modern photography. It seems to be especially adapted to them, and the few who have entered it are meeting with gratifying and profitable success.”

Gertrude Käsebier