Tell the Story – Change the World!

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.”  Lewis Hine

For most of us, photography is a hobby that entertains and gives us a beautiful memory to share with friends and family. There are others who use photography to change their world. Lewis Hine (1874 – 1940), an American sociologist and photographer, used his camera for social reform. His heart-rending photographs of children working in deplorable conditions helped change the labour laws in the United States. Now that is a beautiful memory to share!

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7 thoughts on “Tell the Story – Change the World!

  1. Hi Rebecca

    Some images are iconic, aren’t they? The Vietnamese child shocked the world, the Berlin Wall crumbling thrilled the world. But having your camera on hand to capture the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, I am just beginning to discover the joy in that.

    With love


    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I remember the moment that I saw those images. They changed my world! Have you found that there are more extraordinary things than ordinary? Amazing what you see when you have a camera in hand…


    1. I am very excited that you joined the dialogue. There were several reasons why I started to blog, one of them being to connect with others across the world to draw on the wealth of diversity that is available via our communication networks. I am looking forward to following your blog – glad that technology allows me to use a translator.


  2. Hi Rebecca

    I have linked to you in today’s soulsnet post. This story of Lewis Hine seemed particularly appropriate for today’s theme which is “Practicing the Preaching”. Hope you will visit and enjoy.

    Love Corinne


    1. I never miss any one of your posts!!! As I read about Lewis Hine, I was amazed by the depth of compassion captured in his photos. He truly cared about the people – enough to want to change their world for the better.


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