An Artist Takes Tea


 “After tea it’s back to painting – a large poplar at dusk with a gathering storm. From time to time instead of this evening painting session I go bowling in one of the neighbouring villages, but not very often.” Gustav Klimt

I never connect ordinary daily routine events with artists who are almost bigger than life.  I imagine them contemplating a colour, agonizing over a brush stroke or impatiently throwing open window shutters to bring more light into the room.  It seems that even greatness must stop for a cup of tea.

Belvedere Palace at the end of the day.

The residence of the legendary painting “The Kiss.” 

6 thoughts on “An Artist Takes Tea

  1. “The Kiss hangs over my bed.” Obviously not the original. LOL. If you look at my ” Inside the Holler” post you’ll see the repro.
    This statement of mine reminds me of a nurse I once worked with who was asking me how I was decorating public mental health offices and I said with Renoirs and she said, “Oh, originals?”
    Uhhhh, no.
    Love Klimt. The residence is quite stunning isn’t it?


    • You gave me my first laugh of the morning!!! Whether its the original or not, “The Kiss” is always the center. I agree – the residence is stunning. We stayed in the hotel right next to us and I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a palace in my neighborhood at home.


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