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It’s very important to have the right clothing to exercise in.  If you throw on an old T-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring for your workout.”

Cheryl Tiegs, Model & Actress

I enjoy looking at fitness magazines when I am waiting in the line-up at the grocery checkout.  They are usually strategically positioned right next to the gourmet food magazines which, I must confess, I looked at first.  The colour-coordinated workout outfits fit smoothly across the firm and resilient bodies of youthful women in their 20’s and early 30’s. They are usually holding some form of weights that seem to defy gravity or, alternatively, they are in a yoga position that I didn’t think our bodies could accommodate.  There is not one bead of perspiration on their foreheads or the appearance of red cheeks, a telltale sign of exertion. The point is, they look great!  But so does that yummy chocolate cake on the cover of the  gourmet food magazine.

Isn’t it interesting that we partition our lives by what we wear?

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  1. great one again. i am a work out maniac and trust me, i am extremely particular about what i wear. dont know why this happens, but if i dont think i am dressed right and colourful, i feel i cannot work out. loved this post thank you


  2. You are right, Rebecca. It’s like we have a uniform for each section of our life and that somehow helps to define the various roles that we play.

    When I left work I had all these redundant outfits. It took me ages to get rid of them because it was like closing the door on a section of my life that was over. The thought of transferring them into a post work world didn’t occur to me. It was like they didn’t belong there.

    Funnily enough I found a pair of “work shoes” in the bottom of the wardrobe yesterday and I am going to polish them up and give them an outing. Maybe that’s a sign of progress.

    Love Corinne


    1. You are singing my song. This past week, I have been going through all of my clothes! I agree – we do define our roles by what we wear. And it is sometimes hard to give up those clothes that were a part of our lives that we left behind. It was more emotional than I thought it would be, but it gave me closure and more room in my closet. I have learned to accumulate. Now, I have to learn how to de-cumulate!


  3. I have recently started to go to a yoga class and it has been fascinating trying to get the clothes right! In the end, I realised that I just have to wear whatever is right for me, just like I have to do the moves that are right for me, to the level which is right for me (not very far at the moment 🙂 ).


    1. I am so proud of you!! 😀 You have inspired me…! A couple of block away from where I live, a LULU Lemon manufacturing outlet is positioned at one of the busiest corners of Vancouver – Cambie and Broadway. It is a storefront where everyone can see the sewing machines humming away making these incredible yoga outfits. At night, they have a Yoga class right in the front area – there are about 30 working out all in their LULU Lemon coordinated outfits. They look great!!!


    1. And you are the one I always look for when I go to the gym because I know that some of your sparkle and energy will transfer to me!! And I am never wrong. That is when working out goes to the next level of fun…


  4. If I could, I would have dressed just casual. Because it’s convenient and simple … So, I can run in this life lived on speed, but I’m pretty close to what is around me !


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