February 10th & 11th, 1840


Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married on February 10th, 1840, in the Chapel Royal.

In the early morning, Prince Albert received a note folded in billet form from Queen Victoria.

Dearest, -…How are you to-day, and have you slept well?  I have rested very well, and feel very comfortable to-day.  What weather! I believe, however, the rain will cease.

Send one word when you, my most dearly loved bridegroom, will be ready.  Thy ever-faithful,

Victoria R.

After the wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace the young couple drove to Windsor, returning to London on the February 14th, a fitting way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.  Even so, Queen Victoria wasted no time in writing a letter to the Leopold I, King of the Belgians, her maternal uncle and adviser. Her letter, dated February 11, 1840 at Windsor Castle, illustrates her happiness in the marriage he helped arrange.

“My dearest Uncle, – I write to you from here, the happiest, happiest Being that ever existed.  Really, I do not think it possible for any one in the world to be happier, or as happy as I am.  He is an Angel, and his kindness and affection for me is really touching.  To look in those dear eyes, and that dear sunny face, is enough to make me adore him.  What I can do to make him happy will be my greatest delight.  Independent of my great personal happiness, the reception we both met with yesterday was the most gratifying and enthusiastic I ever experienced; there was no end of the crowds in London, and all along the road.  I was a good deal tired last night, but am quite well again to-day, and happy…

My love to dear Louise. Ever your affectionate,

Victoria R.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had 21 happy years together.

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20 thoughts on “February 10th & 11th, 1840

  1. “What I can do to make him happy will be my greatest delight.”
    The most beautiful words, to me, in a very beautiful letter!


    1. What I find especially interesting about Queen Victoria’s letters is her complete honesty. She really was happy that day, yet in her later writings, she recognized that marriage was something that you learned about as you went along:

      “I feel sure that no girl would go to the altar if she knew all.”
      Queen Victoria


      1. A very keen observation on her part – it’s easy to start out overwhelmingly in love…not so easy to keep it that way!
        Thank you for the further information about the letters – it’s very interesting 🙂


    1. It was the perfect time of September day to bring out the green! Cool and fresh… Thank you so much for stopping by – much appreciated.


      1. Oh my giddy aunt (whoever she might be!), here I am thinking that I am too verbose because I am about to write my 200th post. I am a minnow in the arena of words! I love that Prince Albert developed an excellent filing system for his wife’s correspondence and papers.


  2. A lovely tribute to a love that seems to have been exceptionally special in the often troubled world of royalty.

    (Had terrible problems making a comment here – I could like (confirming that I was logged in) but was asked to log in to comment and no WP bar at the top of my browser. 😦 Despite logging in (again) my comment was refused by WP with a message “Your comment could not be posted” However, after successfully commenting on your Sitting Bull post, I returned here and could now comment. Very hard work compared to normal service!)


    1. I was reading the discussion about your issues on Suzy’s blog! Thank you making that extra effort to comment. I can only imagine the frustration? 😦

      I have always been fascinated by Queen Victoria – she was determined, forthright and loyal to her one great love.

      “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.”
      Queen Victoria


  3. Queen Victoria was a fascinating person,she seem so happy and in love, we often think that in royal marriages there is not much love, but she prove us wrong.
    Beautiful and perfect photo for the post.


    1. Thank you! Queen Victoria did indeed love her beloved Prince Albert. After his death in 1861, Queen Victoria went into mourning for the rest of her life – she always wore black. I think that you will like this quote by Queen Elizabeth II –

      “Like all best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements.”
      Queen Elizabeth II


    1. And I would be there with you! My sister came back from London a few months ago and brought me tea from Harrods. “A mellow black tea with ripe Kiwi flavour.” Delicious….makes me feel like I’m back in your part of the world. 🙂


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