Happy Thanksgiving

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”

Meister Eckhart


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21 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the flowers. I do love this time of year – the colours are spectacular, the last burst before the quiet rest of winter. 🙂


  1. Ah Rebecca, you are true to to your capable self of ferreting out with your always wonderful touch for the appropriate quote, and thus again for this Thanks Giving season. This time that of Meister Eckhart, an old 13th centaury theologian and mystic of the Dominican order, who in later life was accused by the Franciscans, and condemned by the Pope of the times of being a heretic, possibly from having said that “thank you” was sufficient prayer, at a time in a world of blind belief one was put to the torture rack for sayings that belittled or minimized the churches’ preachings. Not a time I imagine I would have survived for long. In any event Eckhart regained his notoriety in the 19th centaury as a great mystic and later by contemporary scholars of medieval scholastic tradition. As usual dear friend, always a pleasure to read you, and to be brought back in history with your intelligent and interesting probes… even for a doubter like me.

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend, for the marvelous background on one of my most favourite quotes. I agree – Meister Eckhart had a profound understanding of the divine, the nature of humanity. A voice cannot be stilled simply because it is inconvenient. Truth prevails, and speaks to new generations centuries later, even to doubters like us… 🙂

      “Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.” Meister Eckhart

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  2. Hi Rebecca

    A wonderful quote and a timely way to start my morning. I am waiting for my lovely 18 month old grand-daughter to arrive for the day, Thank You. I am blogging again after a year away and you pop up in my inbox, thank you. Looking forward to staying in touch.


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  3. Are Meister Eckhards words “All we need”? I really like his books.
    While I was looking for your post about Almina Carnarvon and Highclere I came about your Thanksgiving post which can still be enjoyed in January! Unfortunately I didn’t find the article, which I kindly ask you to show me. Thank you very much in advance and have a very good day.:)-Martina

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      1. Thank you very much, Rebecca, for this link.(This sentence seems to be quite in Meister Eckhard’s sense.) I’ve reread and rewatched your post and I still admire Almina Carvaron’s energy and the good she did, even if she had not to earned herself the money there was needed for what she did! It was, however, quite hard for her that she had leave Highclere after her husbands death. We don’t work today, because of Epiphany and I hope that you are also celebrating this Christian feast day.)- Martina

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      2. We are celebrating epiphany here as well. Almina’s story has many twists and turns, some of which are not included in this book. Finally, I am watching Downton Abbey after all these years. Isn’t it interesting how we become involved in the story. What I find most interesting (and relevant in our time) was how swift change comes. We do live in interesting times.


      3. I’ll tell you, dear Rebecca, the day I make my mind up to watch this series. For the moment I’m a little bit afraid of too much aristocracy, towards which I have my doubts. I agree, with you that we live in interesting and dangerous times and that, maybe, we should slow down a little bit so that nature isn’t throttled completely. Many thanks for your help:)

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