Canada Secret Mountain

There is a special place in our hearts for artists who live big, bold and fully committed to their creative mission. Their vibrant lives act as a strident call to action that prompts, or rather demands, that we follow their example and explore, experience, and share our personal creativity. We are the voice of this time and place, the generation whose moment has come to write our story within the narrative of humanity.

Spanish artist, Okuda San Miguel is one of those bright lights who motivate us to seek a deeper understanding of where imagination takes us. His work is recognized for its geometric prints and multicolored style and design. There are mythological undertones that speak to the need for meaningful dialogue.

Okuda San Miguel’s mural, “Canada Secret Mountains” has come to Vancouver and resides on a building at 325 West 4th. The stories of the British Columbia’s west coast, embedded with Okuda’s insights, has been written for all to see and experience.

May we answer an artist’s call to action and, today, live big lives.

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16 thoughts on “Canada Secret Mountain

    1. Thank you so much for your comments and visit. What you will find most interesting (as I did) is that this mural is one of Okuda’s smaller works. It took two days to complete.

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  1. The extraordinary beauty of Okuda San Miguel’s artistic creative mission, and the call as you describe, as in a bid to live big, does not lend to a hurried or easy reaction. Rather it calls for constructive thought on the appreciation of his fantastic works’ influence as an audiance and appreciator. If I may, I should like to come back to Senior Okuda San Miguel thought provoking images, exploding with shapes, colours and expressions.

    Thank you Rebecca, for this wonderful introduction to Okuda San Miguel…!

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    1. Thank you Jean-Jacques – I love your visits. I agree wholeheartedly – living big does not “lend to a hurried or easy reaction.” I confess I had never heard of Okuda San Miguel until I walked past the building on a hurried trip to the local grocery store. My mind was far away from the idea of creative endeavour and more on the basic need of scrambling to buy “milk and bread” for an evening meal. The mural took my breath away and all thought of meal preparation left me as I reached for my iPhone to take these photos. We live busy lives, but that is different than living big lives. I look forward to our ongoing dialogue on this subject.


  2. So very interesting, would have liked to accompany you on your way for milk and bread. Unfortunately my player could not find your video. You will have to take me to see this, that would be a treat. Thank you for this post, I love this special animal painting!

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    1. We will make the visit together the next time you are on my side os the bridge!!! So glad that you enjoyed the post. Thank you for your continued support of this blog!


  3. Dear Rebecca, we have had a little break from blogging. It’s a lovely surprise to see you blogging again. Thank you for introducing the work of Okuda San Miguel in this beautiful way. Your video is great! 🙂
    Warm greetings to our dear friend from
    The Fab Four of Cley xxxx

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    1. I am delighted to see your comments when I opened my computer this morning. I have taken a break from blogging over the past few months as well. It is good to have a time of rest. I confess I had no idea who Okuda San Miguel was until I happened past the building on a walk. Much love and hugs coming to my dear friends, The Fab Four of Cley.


  4. Oh Rebecca, what a treat to find this feast of colours and optimism and imagination…simply beautiful… now you’ve introduced me to his name I must go googling and get with him !!!
    Your message that went with these paintings was inspiring as usual, oh Great Inspirer !!!
    ( should call you GI – er -perhaps not !!!)

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    1. Looking forward to your visit, Christy! I plan to be on your side of the strait something soon. Will keep in touch. I am really enjoying your posts. Full of great ideas – profound and inspiring thoughts. A great way to start my day!


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