Bike the Night Vancouver


Cycling has become a major player in responding to the need to seek the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of transportation. With every push on the bike pedal, we are the energy creators. It is the best of all solutions, for we respond to two imperatives: embracing a healthy lifestyle all the while seeking solutions to safeguard our precious world.

Serendipity is timely. On my evening walk up to my local grocery store, something exciting was happening.

Bike the Night, Vancouver

Bike the Night, presented by MEC, brings out over 5,000 cyclists, young, old and in-between, to ride through the streets of Vancouver. Starting at 8pm, riders embark on a 10-kilometer journey through the open streets of Vancouver. Even the Burrard Street Bridge is closed for the event.


The excitement and energy is unmistakable and compelling. The spirit of adventure comes through the lights, glowing reflectors and stickers. Bike the Night lights up Vancouver.

Come and join the party!

31 thoughts on “Bike the Night Vancouver

      • And isn’t it great to introduce a new perspective to an everyday sight. Watching lots of people cycling around during the day would not, I am sure, seem that remarkable. But at night, it’s a different story. We always seem to end right back at the importance of stories!

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      • I agree, Liz. It is all about story. We are creating our narrative and joining it with others who we meet along the way. And thanks to humanity’s ability to write, we are able to connect with the stories of those who went before us. So lets keep writing because we are giving to the future…

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    • I was a bystander, applauding from the sidelines, that just happened upon this amazing event. I didn’t even know that Bike the Night was happening until it happened. Vancouver has focused on creating bike lanes and offering bike share, in our city to encourage people to cycle. And it is working. Our climate allows for cycling throughout the year, but in most Canadian cities, it is difficult because of the cold and snowy winters. My commitment to the environment is to walk or take public transportation. But who knows….maybe I will try one of those bike shares. It is tempting….

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  1. Ahhhh! What an exciting event and what an exciting coverage. Thank you for sharing.
    It was great that you were able to photograph this, such an array of different kinds of bicycles. Interesting that you should come upon this event by accident, shall we say! This mode of transportation is becoming more popular, it will be something in the future that the city will have to promote by bicycle lanes and safe places for them, not only for the bicycles but the car traffic around them.

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    • So glad you enjoyed this post. As you know I have a new iPhone that I’m trying to figure out, especially the camera function because you never know what will happen when you step outside the door. What I found most heartening was the camaraderie that was evident. Riders encouraging other riders, laughter and chatter, and people who were directing traffic. Pure joy.

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    • When I accidentally stumble onto an exciting event, I think of the quote by J.R.R. Tolkien:

      “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

      I love going out the door – there is always an adventure waiting for us. I didn’t know about this event until I saw all the bikes! It was a marvelous party.

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  2. Great! I have been cycling since my first serious cycle at age 16, but before that on a cousin’s hand me down at around 12 years of age. And no it was not on the original one wheeler, the unicycle! In any event it did get serious to competition level of road racers, entering all types of races of the lower to mid size such as Montreal’s expert section of the “Tour de l’Île” up until a few years ago.
    Bike the Night Vancouver looks and sounds extraordinary. I envy you that privilege as your photos suggests.

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    • Serendipity is always a wonderful and mysterious presence. I just happened to come upon this event by happenstance. What an energetic force of cyclist. I love the idea that you had a unicycle. What balance you have. We just had the Gran Fondo a few days later – I think I must find a bike to ridge.


      • A little slip Rebecca, And no it was not on the original one wheeler, the unicycle! Bad joke I guess, as it was said to suggest it was not so long ago to make me old enough to have been riding a unicycle. Those one wheeler must have been treacherous…!

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  3. Oh, Bike Night looks like so much fun! I remember a time when riding my bike was one of the joys of my existence. Life was simpler then. (You chose the perfect music for the video!)

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  4. This is indeed very exciting. Do you think is dangerous (in general) to bike in the city of Vancouver? Here in London I’ve never dared. I walk everywhere instead though.

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    • I with you, Virginia! I have never dared to bike Vancouver. I love walking and find that it is a Zen moment, even in the midst of a busy street corner.

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  5. This is a fab post, Rebecca! Your video is excellent.
    Just wondering, is there any kind of sponsorship that raises money for a good cause?

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    • Thank you – so glad you enjoyed the video. I was looking for music that I could include in my video presentations, something that I am very interested in producing. I found Epidemic Sound. The music is simply amazing and adds so much vibrancy.

      I support Food Bank B.C. ( : “Want to support access to healthy food in your community? Your donations change lives, helping 28,000 people who access our services weekly!” It is my way of working towards Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

      I just found the idea of together bands. Check this out.

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  6. Yeah! A wonderful festive atmosphere and what a terrific idea! Your video conveys the sense of fun had by all and love the bike bells ringing along the way! This is my kind of bike riding with not a car or lorry in sight! Hope cities from around the world pick up in this idea! Will you join in next time? Happy Weekend, Rebecca! 😀❤️

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    • We live in a world that is looking for ways to resolve the climate change issues. I know that, if we work together, we can make a huge difference. Vancouver has made strides in creating bike lanes that allow for safe travel whether by walking or cycling. Bikes are being provided throughout the city and are being used as a mode for transportation. We live in exciting times. So I just might join in next year.

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