Marina Kanavaki – As Above So Below

“This series of watercolors
is inspired by the Oneness of
“As Above So Below”.
Trees, Duality Trees, Inverted Trees
reflections, dreamscapes, paths,
in search of their fulfillment.”
Marina Kanavaki

Marina Kanavaki – As Above, So Below

I  am delighted to welcome the Year 2020 with Marina Kanavaki, a dear blogger friend.   Over the years, Marina has inspired me to view art and creative endeavour via the lens of her mantra, “Art Toward a Happy Day.”

Marina showcased her watercolour paintings “As Above So Below” at the Art Estate Gallery March – April 2019 to great reviews.  When I heard that her 2020 Calendar reflected this amazing exhibition, I contacted Marina directly so that I would receive my As Above So Below calendar as a celebration of entering a fresh new year of exciting possibilities and opportunities.

Thank you, Marina, for your remarkable dedication to art, music, and building a vibrant community.

When you meet Marina, you will see for yourself that her artistic expression is “Art Toward a Happy Day.”

Marina’s Instagram Account

Marina’s YouTube Channel


Happy New Year to all as we welcome the coming of 2020, a new year and a new decade.

Special Note:  All images on this post are from photos of my calendar “As Above, So Below”  These images are copyright © of Marina Artemis Kanavaki’s artistic work and cannot be copied, downloaded or used in any way without her express written permission.

The Year 2020 Calendar “As Above So Below” by Marina Kanavaki from Rebecca Budd aka Clanmother on Vimeo.

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33 thoughts on “Marina Kanavaki – As Above So Below

  1. Oh how beautiful! Just in time too, since I need a new calendar. It coincidentally reminds me of the basket bulb garden my daughters gave me to enjoy while convalescing from my recent injury. Those bulbs below with their beautiful potential, and their blossoming counterparts above, each in their season. Thank you always for the bringing the beauty!

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    1. I am delighted that you enjoyed this post. I was so excited to receive the calendar in the mail. The postman noted that this must be a special package because it was coming from a long ways away and had beautiful stamps. Marina’s packaging was brilliant. The calendar arrived in perfect condition. Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. Ready, set, go….we’ve entered 2020 – together!!!

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    2. Oh, Mary, I’m moved by your words and can’t tell how happy I am you enjoyed it [love the reminder and I hope the injury is in the past now and completely healed!]. Thank you so much for your purchase!!!!! I will be sending the calendar first thing tomorrow morning – weather permitting, as we’re under a heavy storm [It’s Bank Holiday for us here today – post office is closed 😦 ]. Because it may take about 2 weeks to reach you, I will be sending you January through your email [if that’s okay with you], so you don’t miss a day! 😉 My warmest wishes for 2020 …in good health! 🙂 xo

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      1. I’m even more excited to receive your calendar now and healing right on schedule due to my friends’ and family’s prayers and best wishes. January has indeed ‘arrived’ via your email. Hugs!

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    1. And you have my gratitude in return for creating this marvelous 2020 calendar. Your words – duality, oneness, paths, search – allows us to explore this coming year with a wider, deeper perspective. Thank you! Happy New Year – grateful we are entering a new decade together.

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    1. I share your love for Marina’s mantra. She is involved in many projects that demonstrate her determination to care and protect the creatures that share our earth. The idea of duality, the above/below symbol reminds me that our lives are connected, as is time, and space. We live in a finite existence, but somehow, we recognize the infinite.

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      1. What came to mind when I read your comment was – Janus, the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. I have so much more to learn. Thank you for our conversations.

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    1. Marina has an exceptional understanding of nature, fellow creatures, time, seasons and destiny. Her wisdom is captured in this marvelous calendar. I have been following her for several years on WordPress and more recently, on Instagram. What I have just discovered is that she is also a musician. Exciting to know that we are entering 2020 together!

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  2. Thank you for this post, what a treat! ! ! Thank you for sharing, this lady has a huge and beautiful talent. It was so kind of her to share the paintings in her calendar with you. I enjoyed each part of your post. She has a unique talent and gift.

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    1. I agree – Marina is truly remarkable. Her creative spirit embraces all of the beauty of nature, and provides a call to action to care and nurture our world. The idea of As Above, So Below, reminds us that there is movement, energy at work, even in the stillness of silence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – your comments are very much appreciated.


    1. I will be reminded, daily, to seek the beauty of nature and, as Joseph Campbell advised: make my heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match my nature with Nature. Should be an interesting year!!!

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  3. What a splendid trip through Marina’s year of art you have made for all of us.
    BRAVO to both of you!
    I adore my calendar, and the idea, which will soon be reality that I will rise to her visions, every day.

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    1. How very very well said: “I will rise to her visions, every day.” I will be with you. It is a great comfort to know that we will be sharing 2020 moments together via the creativity of Marina’s remarkable art and profound thought “As Above, So Below”

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      1. It was lots of fun! While I was down there, I could have taken better videos. It was my first try. When I was uploading I thought about you. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I should do better next time.

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      2. I thought is was excellent, especially since the lighting was dark. You captured the energy and fun. I continue to learn. When I first uploaded photos they were alway upside down. I am following you on Vimeo!

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