Leading the Way


We live in times of uncertainty, but of one thing I am certain: We can create compassionate communities wherever we are. I am grateful for my blogging community. We have learned how to forge connections across the globe. Together, we have built a virtual community that supports and encourages, shares knowledge and wisdom, fosters hope and resilience.

Take care. Keep Safe. Be Well.

33 thoughts on “Leading the Way

    • So glad you enjoyed the geese. Yes, this is a common occurrence. The best is yet to come with the young goslings which should arrive in a few weeks. They follow behind the parents in a dutiful line. What I find most amusing is that the geese families prefer to walk in the bike lanes rather than the pedestrian lanes. They take on the bikes without fear and remind us all that they have the right-of-way.

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  1. Hope and resilience are so important! Our blogging community also shares the very key for growing these attributes, namely creativity. As we write, record, photograph, film, and sift through resources for our blog posts, we focus our creative energies in order to share something of value with each other. Thank you for all your beautiful, inspiring creative contributions just like this one. We need this now more than ever!

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    • I am so very glad you mentioned creativity. I share your belief that this is the time we must look deep inside and celebrate our personal creativity for builds resilience and fosters hope. When we give value to our creative spirit, we strengthen our community. You continue to inspire me, Mary Jo, with your profound insights. Many hugs and thanks!

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  2. Thank you for this lovely wish,Rebecca! The geese are so beautiful and serene. I absolutely adore them. Please, you also…Take care. Keep Safe. Be Well.

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    • I love these geese, especially when they fly overhead. Sometimes they deign to mingle among us mortals and walk side by side with us. And that gives me a sense of completion. We belong to this world, to the soil, to the water, trees and air. Now, I’m hoping they will give me flight lessons….. Hugs!

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  3. Beautifully said, Rebecca. You are a MAJOR part of the blogging community, and I always look forward to seeing the great words and images you post.

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    • Thank you, Dave! We have arrived at a journey that was unexpected. I am glad that we traveling together. We may be on opposite sides of the world, but we are on the same path. And that gives me great comfort.

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    • Thank you, Graham. And thank you for sharing your creative photography. I look forward to every one of your posts. It is always exciting to imagine how you achieved the mandalas.


  4. WordPress is indeed a great community, Rebecca. It is wonderful to be able to connect with so many lovely folk worldwide!
    Once again, I love your video. The geese are gorgeous; and the bike rider was surely one of those fine individuals we sometimes encounter throughout our journeys. Such consideration is a wonderful gift to give.

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    • I remember the first time I pressed the publish button! I held my breath and wondered what would happen next. I never realized how incredible that “next” would be through the ensuing years. With that first “publish”, I became linked across the globe to an incredible community. I am delighted and thrilled that we connected.

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      • It has been quite an incredible journey, Rebecca; so much is valued.
        One thing I didn’t have an inkling about was how much I would learn about myself! I didn’t realise, at that time, how much there was to learn.
        It really does ‘take a village’.

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