Sunday Evening Reflection: Lois Hole – A Life Well Lived

Whenever I travel to St. Albert, Alberta, my first visit is to the St. Albert Public Library. In front of the library doors, the bronze sculpture of Lois Hole, entitled “Legacy of Love & Learning” welcomes me with a poignant reminder of a life well-lived.

The monument was created by the renowned Alberta sculptor Barbara Paterson, who depicted Lois Hole with a child clutching a book. Paterson created this impressive tribute to Lois Hole over a four-year period, and was particularly pleased at the opportunity to commemorate her as they were friends for 15 years. Paterson wanted to create a tribute that showed her friend’s love of children and learning.”

The City of St. Albert

Lois Hole shared her love of gardening with the world by writing 15 gardening books, all of them Canadian bestsellers. Lois Hole’s “Perennial Favorites” sold more that 250,000 copies.

Lois Hole was called the “Queen of Hugs,” and was beloved by all who met her. An advocate for lifelong education, she was a tireless community builder, environmentalist and a prominent business woman. Her favorite project was her Library Legacy program which encouraged donations to purchase books.

On February 10, 2000, she was was installed as Alberta’s 15th Lieutenant Governor, becoming the Honourable Lt. Lois Elisa Hole, C.M., A.O.E.

I invite you to read more about Lois Hole’s legacy on The City of St. Albert’s website.

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Reflection: Lois Hole – A Life Well Lived

    1. I am looking for the book, “I’ll never marry a farmer” – would love to read this love story. I am forever grateful for writers, for they tell our story and remind us that there are indeed, “happily ever afters.” Sending hugs your way with great speed!

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      1. xxxxxxxxxxxx right back to you I saw that have some used ones at different–some not too bad–prices. (Amazon.Ca have a few but seem far priciier.) Now and again to get a book I have ordered a used book from a seller there and it’s been ok. Just a thought. I think we are nothing without that happy ever after.

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  1. Dear Clanmother,
    we hadn’t heard of Lois Hole before. Thank you for introducing this extraordinary woman to us.
    Sending you hugs and love <3<3
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. I was thinking of the Fab Four of Cley when I wrote this post. This is a quote by Lois: “If we hope to preserve our way of life, the first thing we must do is rediscover our respect for the land, the water, and the entire natural world. And if we do manage to regain that respect, then we must make sure that human beings never lose it again.” Alberta set aside wetlands in her name that supports the wilderness and wildlife. It is an amazing place to walk. Check out this link: Sending lots of love and hugs back to my dear friends, The Fab Four of Cley.

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      1. Thank you very much, dear Clanmother Rebecca,
        these wetlands seem to be quite similar to our wetlands here. And some of birds like Avocets, Grebe, Pintail and Sandpiper you find here as well in the salt marshes.
        And thanks for the wise quote too.
        With lots of love from the little village next the big sea
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Lois Hole sounds like such an impressive/multifaceted person, Rebecca, and that’s a really beautiful sculpture. The raindrops temporarily (?) on the sculpture add to the look. Thank you for another informative post that lets us know about people we should all know about.

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    1. Thank you Dave. There are so many stories that are held safe in the folds of history – books, archives, art and family biographies. I love going down Alice’s rabbit hole to find the background stories for they encourage me to keep faith with our world, despite the noise and uncertainty. We had just experienced a famous “Alberta downpour” and were attending the Farmers Market that occurs at this location, when I decided that this would be a great time visit Lois. I am now looking for her book – I will never marry a farmer. One of my favourite “Lois” quotes: “I have faith in a better future, because I have faith that most human beings want to do the right thing.”

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    1. I was talking with Marilyn, my sister in law, just yesterday about Lois Hole. Marilyn remembers going to Lois’s garden centre and seeing her talk about gardening and her love of flowers to one and all. And this was during her busy tenure as the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. She was dedicated to life-long learning, and especially interested in children’s education. Kindness is the way to live, something you exemplify, my dear friend.

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    1. Lois came from a little community of Buchanan, Saskatchewan. I read that she loved growing things from early childhood. She was born in 1933, at the beginning of the Great Depression. She visited and stay at her grandparents farm many times. I understand that, after a long day at the farm, her mother remembered her saying, “I’ll never marry a farmer!” “And why not?” her mother would ask. “Because,” she said, “farms are the loneliest places on earth.” How serendipitous that she did marry a farmer and brought the farm to the city. How life gives us twists and turns that create unimaginable possibilities.

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    1. Lois Hole’s legacy is well remembered by all who knew her. Her family still lives in the Edmonton, St. Albert area. Barbara Paterson was a born and lived in Edmonton as well. I first saw Barbara Paterson’s work when I visited Victoria where her statue of Emily Carr stands near the famous Empress Hotel. Barbara has also created “Famous Five” in Calgary, which I have yet to visit. Which reminds me – that is another great story to post. Stay turned…. Hugs coming your way.

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  3. Rebecca,
    Thank you! This is the first I’ve heard of this incredible woman.
    As accomplished as she is, the thing I admire most is the “Quuen of Hugs”. It is a very grand title, indeed!
    Wonderful refection.

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