Voxel Bridge Is Ready to Launch

The Launch of Voxel Bridge will take place this week. I wanted to give a preview of the art project that is being called “the epicenter of blockchain innovation”. As promised, the underside of the south end of Cambie Bridge has been transformed by artist Jessica Angel. Come join me under the Bridge.

Description: Title: Voxel Bridge 

Artist: Jessica Angel (b. 1980, Colombia)

Exhibition Period: Summer 2021 – 2023

Medium: Vinyl, Augmented Reality

Location: Underneath Cambie Street Bridge South in Vancouver

Voxel Bridge is an 18,000-square-foot immersive installation by New York-based, Colombian artist Jessica Angel. The artwork explores how public space can be constructed and utilized in both digital and physical realities. Using adhesive vinyl and Augmented Reality technology, Angel will transform the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver and draw visual parallels between blockchain technology and the structural integrity of the underpass in front of the Southeast False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility (NEU). This installation will become a point of contact and dialogue around different forms of knowledge.” Vancouver Biennale

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  1. Looks absolutely sensational and your picture assembly and comments suggest they should hire you as their PR and promotional expert. Makes one want to go and see it live, even we folks from at the other end of this country!

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    1. I downloaded the app tonight, Jean-Jacques, and decided to see how it all works in the augmented reality. I was having trouble figuring out how to activate the app and was lucky to meet up with a tech person testing the app who helped me. What came up on my phone was extraordinary. There were colours moving all around me. Quite sensational how art and technology has come together.

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    1. Thank you so much for joining me under the bridge, Polly. The idea of blockchain and augmented reality will become even more perversive in artistic expression. I have been following this trend closely.

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    1. I was able to download the app tonight and had a brief glimpse of the augmented reality. The launch is this Tuesday, but there were people already trying out the app. It is an extraordinary feeling to see colours come to life via technology. Art is evolving in ways that I had never imagined.

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  2. Wow, Rebecca — visiting this bridge via your excellent post is a VERY vivid experience! I can imagine what the experience (actual and virtual) is like on-the-scene. A memorable marriage of art and technology.

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    1. I have been following how art is now being integrated within technology (NFTs etc). In many ways, “art” – well, generally all creative endeavours are early adopters of new technology. Consider music, dance, mural art. The evolution of writing and reading is undergoing transition. I downloaded the Biennale app and tried to access the augmented reality. I am glad that there was a young techie there to help me figure it out.

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    1. I remember watching the first Star Trek and then all that came after, never considering that we would be experiencing our current emerging technologies. We live in an ever evolving world.

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      1. We certainly do! I remember seeing the first computer displayed in the Boston Museum of Science in the 1960s. It took up an entire room!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would own a computer–and know how to use it!

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    1. I am so glad that you joined me under the bridge, Sylvia. I enjoy our conversations. Jessica Angel is a remarkable artist. This is from her website: “The research that currently nourishes my practice digs into digital physics, astrophysics, information sciences, architecture, philosophy and the theory of complex networks. I find in these studies evidence of the existence of patterns in phenomena of different essence, scale, and source, and proof that information lies at the core of everything we perceive. I attempts with my work to expand our conscience on these ideas.”http://www.jessicaangelarts.com/#statement

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  3. Beautiful art under a bridge, a truly wonderful little video. I commented elsewhere, but I want to add here that this is a beautiful introduction to what is to follow. I will be looking for messages to follow. I did not know that this art was being produced in such an extraordinary way and place. I enjoyed seeing these lovely colors so artfully combined. Thank you for sharing! !

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    1. You and I have been talking about the evolution of art and technology. Like you, my knowledge in this area of endeavour is limited. I am delighted you joined me under the Cambie Street Bridge. Jessica Angel is a brilliant artist, who is in the forefront of this new artform.

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    1. I went by Voxel Bridge yesterday. I have never seen so many people interested in the underside of a bridge using their cell phones to tap into the augmented reality.. Art is a powerful draw. So glad you stopped by!

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  4. Thank you for posting this, Rebecca! The under of Cambie Bridge was never so sweet.
    It is a kaleidoscope of color,and you have presented its magic, perfectly!
    Thank you!
    I remember walking across the bridge, itself. It was always a sci-fi experience for me. Alien meets Blade Runner!
    😀 hugs

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    1. Resa – you will not believe this. Cambie Bridge will be having upgrades beginning this month until Spring 2022. We live by Cambie Bridge so we will be experiencing construction noise as you have been experiencing these past months. We received notification of all the changes in traffic flow etc, but the part that stood out was “Efforts will be made to minimize noise, particularly during early hours, however some noise and dust are expected due to the nature of this work.” Life is always exciting!!!

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