On a Road Trip to Squamish

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

A few weeks ago, we attended a long-awaited family wedding, held at the Cheekye Ranch, a Sea to Sky Outdoor destination a few miles from Squamish B.C. We were surrounded by pristine coastal forests and unparalleled mountain views. The Cheekye Ranch is the location of the Second Chance Cheekye Ranch (SCCR), a charitable organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses in need. It is a place of sanctuary and healing for over 40 rescued horses.

The exchange of vows and the gathering of family and friends was held in a place of peace and refuge. What better way to begin a life together.

Tonight, I invite you to share a virtual road trip which will take us from Vancouver to Squamish on Sea to Sky Corridor. Experience the adventure of being on an open road.

Special thanks to my niece, Alisha and her husband, Ben, for organizing an amazing wedding celebration!

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39 thoughts on “On a Road Trip to Squamish

    1. I am delighted that you joined us on the road trip to Squamish, Mandy! I feel a sense of freedom when I travel. Time seems suspended, which allows me to enjoy the moment, the passing scenery and the welcome feeling of movement.

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    1. When I was searching for the right music, this song captured my attention because it reminded me me those long ago days when I was in my early twenties, taking a road trips across Canada from Manitoba to Alberta. Good memories!!! I will pass on your message to Alisha and Ben!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to use your twitter account to add a comment, Robbie. I’m so glad that you joined us on the road. The Ranch was a beautiful location for the wedding. The horses are very happy in this peaceful setting. There is a wonderful sense of calm watching the river flow.

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      1. Time flies so fast – these events remind me of all those years ago when Don & I exchanged vows. My father married us and I distinctly recall asking him to omit the “obey” word. LOL

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! This video is a lovely reminder of watching my little girl walk down the aisle with my husband. It was one of life’s pivotal moments in which one’s whole perspective on the world changes. You’ve reminded me that the time we have is precious and rare and we need to take moments like these, capture and treasure them — bring them back to our memories to remind us of the beauty, freedom and the indescribable joy and love experienced in these moments outside of time.

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    1. Ben and Alisha’s wedding was stellar, Sarah. It will be a long-remembered, unforgettable event in our family’s history. The wedding dress that you made that turned into three dresses was a design miracle as was the delicious gluten-free wedding cake that you made just before the wedding. All the very best to Alisha and Ben as they start their lives together.

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  2. Congratulations to Alisha & Ben & (Daisy & Kaiko)!
    What a gorgeous video, Rebecca, and you picked perfect music.

    Canada is a stunningly beautiful country.
    The proud and rugged Rockies – the breadth of Pacific to Atlantic – the endless open of the prairies (our bread basket), – the rolling hills, forests and over 250,000 lakes of Ontario – the charm of Quebec City (our oldest city), Trois Rivieres and the St. Lawrence Seaway – The Maritime Provinces, each with it’s own charm (especially the colourful homes that dot the Atlantic) and the Atlantic Maritime coastal hiway, featuring some of the most pristine coastal landscapes in the world.

    Your video has stirred me.

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    1. We live in a beautiful country, Resa. Your description was so very well said – you have a gift for words. I am thrilled that you joined us on the road trip. We have the best conversations.

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    1. Thank you Linda for joining us on the road trip. I hadn’t been to Squamish for several years. It is a lovely town that is famous for mouton biking and hiking. Everyone we met seemed to have a backpack and strong, sturdy walking boots/shoes.

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  3. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Your part of the country is beautiful and reminds me of the road trips we took in the Vancouver, BC area–and the ferry ride to Victoria, where we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Sweet times!


    1. I am delighted that you joined us on the road, Sylvia. I have enjoyed my many virtual trips with you following your travels. Sending many hugs your way. I see that Iggy is looking for his friends and Mr. GBH is posing for a photo.

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  4. I have looked at this lovely road trip, actually a quite a few times, it is really very beautiful–every turn, every mountain peek, every roadside valley and the lovely blue river at the end! The photo of Ben and Alisha and the two doggies is very special and priceless! The beautiful wedding, the outstanding location, and the always to be remembered beauty of the whole ceremony and experience will be in my remembrance all of my life! ! Really an exceptional time in a lifetime!

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