Welcoming 2023 with Colour, Paint and Mural Artists

Serendipity has a marvelous way of introducing the extraordinary into our everyday activities. 

Early December, after a quick stop at our local grocery store, Don and I chose a different route to walk home.  At the entrance to a parkade that divided the sidewalk, we were delayed because of cars blocking our path, waiting for the opportunity to merge into traffic.

Arthur Maslard a.k.a. Ratur and Col Urrutia

This slight pause in our walk was the catalyst.  I peered into the parking lot opening and spotted paint, colour, and mural artists creating the most amazing art.   Meeting artists and seeing art evolve deepens the visual and emotional experience.  Every day, we stopped by to see the progress and celebrate how creative endeavour transforms a space and welcomes conversation.

Our gratitude to Arthur Maslard a.k.a. Ratur and Col Urrutia for connecting art with community, bringing mural art to where we work, play, and live.

Arthur Maslard a.k.a. Ratur is a French artist born in Le Havre, France, currently based in Vancouver. He grew up with a strong connection to nature and began channelling his creativity through drawing and graffiti from an early age. Ratur eventually trained in graphic design before turning his focus to canvas and murals. His work often depicts bodies staged in dramatic poses, humans faced with a nature in ruin, mythical figures, and symbols of perpetual rebirth.

Col Urrutia is a Vancouver based artist and instructor. He studied at the Barcelona Academy of Art and in various ateliers throughout the US, where he developed a rich understanding of traditional and contemporary art approaches. He has exhibited in galleries and festivals around the world. In addition to creating art, Col Urrutia also teaches classes on painting, drawing, and mural techniques. He is a highly sought-after instructor due to his unique style and ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms.

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47 thoughts on “Welcoming 2023 with Colour, Paint and Mural Artists

    1. It was a wonderful experience, Mandy. We were able to talk with the artists as the mural unfolded. It is unbelievable how quickly their murals come into being . Thank you for traveling virtually to my side of the world. Sending hugs!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Margaret. I am so sorry that there is a problem responding on WordPress. I appreciate your determination to persevere. Many thanks – looking forward to our conversations in the coming months.

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    1. I am delighted that you joined me in the parking lot. I agree wholeheartedly, Alaedin. These artists create extraordinary murals. Vancouver is very lucky that Ratur and Col have made their home in this city!

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  1. Always such a joy to see artists of this calibre in action; I can imagine your delight – serendipity indeed. Your post and video honour two incredibly talented creators.

    As a by the by; I had not heard nor seen the word ‘parkade’, though it was obvious it meant a car parking area. I had to investigate.
    It seems it is in common use by Canadians, particularly in the west coast of Canada, and, ironically in South Africa. Why these very different countries would have this term in common proves to evade me. However, (said tongue in cheek) it may prove useful when playing scrabble! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for joining me in the parkade, Carolyn. I did not know about the connection with South Africa on the word “parkade”. There is a mystery here. I would have thought that this term was originally from England. I went exploring with you and found that the term originated in the 1930’s. It is a blend of “park” and “parade” “promenade” or “esplanade.” Very interesting indeed. It is also defined as a multi story parking garage. My first learning of 2023. Thank you!!!!

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    1. A friend of mine reminded me a few years ago to be open to the emergence – that we must be awake to what is happening in the moment, to recognize the extraordinary. We do not live ordinary lives. We all have amazing stories. I remember the first time that I met you on Elisabeth Van Der Meer’s blog, Dave. We have had many conversations since that time, a testament to how serendipity brings people together. Remember Meister Eckhart’s quote: “And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” We are here in 2023 – there is magic in beginnings.

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    1. I agree – a parking lot!!! Who would have imagined that this would be an optimum space to create a mural? And yet, when I calculated how many people would drive past that wall, it is the perfect location. Perhaps that is the power of public, street and mural art – space is transformed into narratives, symbolism, mythologies. We are still inspired by the ancient wall paintings. This year I am very interested in exploring art and narrative. You have opened so many pathways for knowledge acquisition, Liz! Many, many thanks.

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    1. I am delighted that you joined me in a parking lot that was being transformed by colour, Marian. I have yet to understand how artists are able to work on a huge space. And they accomplish so much is very little time. Thank you for a wonderful 2022 – looking forward to what comes next. Grateful for our conversations.

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    1. We were in the middle of a snowstorm that day so seeing the colours of spring reminded me of the quote by Albert Camus “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

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  2. Extraordinary indeed, for the work is hypnotic to the point of drawing one within (pardon the pun) the mural, so as to allow the viewer to walk about and browse around. Amazingly beautiful… Bravo and thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for joining me in the parkade opening. We discovered this mural on a day when it was snowing and the traffic was in disarray. In the midst of the confusion, seeing the two artists calmly painting was almost surreal. I am very interested in how art and poetry come together. Marianne is brilliant in how she combines these two creative endeavours.

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    1. Happy New Year, Deborah!! We have arrived in a new year of opportunities and possibilities. I enjoyed meeting up with the mural artists. Most murals are complete by the time I see them – meeting the artists adds to the excitement of discovery. Looking forward to our conversations in 2023.

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    1. Happy New Year, Linda!!! We have arrived in a new year – looking forward to the pathway ahead. I went past this mural yesterday on the way to my local grocery store. The thought that came to mind was – I need to be mindful of the beauty around me for it comes in unexpected places. . I agree – this mural does bring joy.

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  3. A wonderful mural, Rebecca! Thank you! It’s perfect for the New Year.
    Although quite different the one I posted is colourful, too. It just seemed fitting.
    Happy New Year to you and yours! Hugs!

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    1. Thank you, Resa, for introducing me to mural art and artists. I remember the first time that I visited “Graffiti Lux Art & More” and had an epiphany. You continue to dazzle me with your mural finds. You take us on a mural treasure hunt and you always find mural gold. Many thanks – sending hugs along with my gratitude to you.

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    1. How wonderful to receive you comment, Sylvia. Thank you for travelling to my side of the world to join me in a parking lot. Isn’t it interesting how colour and creativity can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Sending many hugs back your way.

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