The Loonie – Happy Birthday

A very happy birthday to our iconic Canadian Loonie!   June 30, 1987, the government replaced the one dollar paper bill with a shiny, gold-coloured, 11 sided coin.  It was a hit with everyone:  taxpayers because it was predicted to save them  $175- $250 million over 20 years, the vending-machine operators who envisioned higher profits and tourists who would take one home as a souvenir.

It seems that recently the Loonie was put on a diet. The new 2012 Loonie weighs 6.27 grams, compared with the seven-gram 1987 Loonie.   Looking forward to the next 25 years…

There be Dragon….Boats and Ducks

Capturing moments is not that difficult, but there are two perquisites:

1)      You need to keep your eyes open and

2)      Have a camera ready to go

I was taking my new camera out for a spin and was trying to figure out how to use the video options.  I got lucky!  I found the right button just at the point of convergence of dragons, ducks & water taxis.

Do you see the ducks?  Look for the specks. I was anxious for a split second, but they are amazing navigators.   They are able to thrive in the midst of turmoil…

P.S.  This is my first video upload – I’m making progress…