The Lady with the Umbrella

The day was perfect – it was raining and there was a subtle mist coming off the ground. “I’m going out,” I said as I headed towards the door, camera in hand. “The lady with the umbrella and I have an appointment.”

The first time I saw the lady with the umbrella was when I was driving past her in a car. She was standing on the grass just off the sidewalk, her umbrella stretched out as protection. I waved and promised to come by on a rainy day.

My  lady shimmered in the rain, merging quietly into the greenery. But she turned out to be Apollo, a sculpture by Bruce Voyce. I have a feeling that the umbrella is really a representation of the sun. Still, I will always think of her as my beautiful lady with the umbrella.

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Art can instill a sense of connectivity to our environment. Sculpture can interconnect the realms of art, science, nature and humanity. Public art can act as a unified gesture of permanence. Nature gently reclaims technology; the landscape is integrated with the art, and the art with the land. With these sculptures the environment becomes a theatre, creating a world of possibilities and wonder.

Bruce Voyce

What’s Happening Underneath Our Feet?

Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.”
– Carl Sagan

Imagine a life without running water, sewage systems and electricity. We depend on the availability of incoming clean water and the seamless removal of outgoing wastewater. It is a fundamental pillar of modern civilization. This post is dedicated to our city’s infrastructure. Vancouver combines utility with artistic flair.

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Utility With Artistic Flair!

You never know who you will run into….

I met the Blue and White Warrior on the corner of Granville & Burrard.   What a surprise to see the tall, stately Terracotta figure presiding majestically over the intersection.  And where there is one, there are others waiting to be found.  You’re invited to join me on Chasing Art !  We have limited time to complete the mission.


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‘Blue and White Porcelain-ware’

Artist: Regina Liao
Sponsor: Caorda Web Solutions
Location: 2505 Granville St
Vancouver, BC