Kindred Spirit – Amy Lowell

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.”

Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell is a kindred spirit.  She was born in 1874, into a well-known and respectable family.  She had two brothers:  Percival Lowell, who became a prominent astronomer, and Abbott Lawrence Lowell, who ended up as a Harvard president.  College was a forbidden fruit – no place for a woman.  Not to be thwarted, she turned to books.  In fact, she was an obsessive book collector; hence a kindred spirit.  Can you imagine what she would do

Conformity & Creativity

with a Kobo, Kindle etc?  Amy Lowell’s life is amazing, full of creativity, poetry and inspiration.  What better quote to start my photo blog.  Just this once – I have modified the pronouns.

Art is the desire of a woman to express herself, to record the reactions of her personality to the world she lives in!

Hello world! Welcome to LadyBudd Photo Blog

Welcome to my Photo Blog!  I have over 10,000 photos – some good, some not so good and some really not so good.  I enjoy photography, especially the automatically point and snap, because it captures the essence of a moment in time that we want to remember.  Memories are like old photography paper – they fade and become mellow with time.   I leave the artistry to others, more proficient in the details of the art form.  Welcome to my moments.  Hopefully this will inspire you to leave your footprint in the “pixel sands” of time.

The Captain