A Light Exists in Spring

Happy Mother’s Day! This post is dedicated to my mother, Frances, on this special day. Last week, Frances, Sarah, and I visited Butchart Gardens located on Vancouver Island. It rained most of the day, bestowing a soft and gracious mist to the Gardens. The cool humidity of the day enhanced the diverse shades of treesContinue reading “A Light Exists in Spring”

Celebrating Poetry With Frances

Happy Mother’s Day I am celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother, Frances. Although we are, for a time, separated by COVID-19, Frances and I remain connected via technology. Frances introduced me to poetry. Over the years, poetry has been a source of joy and entertainment, a way in which I have learned to feel emotionsContinue reading “Celebrating Poetry With Frances”

Sunday Evening Reflection: On the Move

I celebrated Mother’s Day with a family of Geese. The goslings have arrived and have joined their parents on the Vancouver Seawall. The Seawall is separated into a pedestrian walkway and a bike lane. The Geese “gaggle” community believes that they have the right-of-way on both, but they seem to prefer the bikes lanes. MyContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: On the Move”