Welcoming April with Rainer Maria Rilke

April is National Poetry Month! Spring, with its renewed energy after a Winter’s rest, awakens our hearts to the words of poetic inspiration. April invites us to celebrate its arrival with a reading of poetry. Poetry is one of the oldest creative endeavors – an art form that has the benefit of diversity. Haiku, sonnet,Continue reading “Welcoming April with Rainer Maria Rilke”

In Search of Jimmy Pérez

I have never read a book by Ann Cleeves, but that will change in the year 2021. Even so, I feel that I know her through Shetland, the TV adaptation of her books Red Bones, Raven Black, Dead Water, and Blue Lightning. “Red Bones,” the first episode of the series Shetland, which stars Douglas HenshallContinue reading “In Search of Jimmy Pérez”

Sunday Evening Reflection – Shetland

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” Khalil Gibran Welcome to Sunday Night Reflection. I invite you to join me on a quiet walk through Kergord Woods. It is early Spring and green leaves are beginning to appear. It is a little chilly so bring along a sweater. Kergord Woods is a symbolContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection – Shetland”