Sunday Evening Reflection: A Farewell to September

I welcome October, the season of gold and mists, of lingering sunshine and darkening clouds, of harvest and thanksgiving. I gather my books and supply of fragrant teas, much like a squirrel puts away her acorns for the coming winter. And yet, my heart still remembers the loveliness of September and the way the daysContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: A Farewell to September”

Cyrano’s Apple

We remember Cyrano de Bergerac (1619 – 1655) because Edmond Rostand created a play in 1897 based loosely on the life of this French dramatist and duellist.  If you look at the “real” Cyrano’s portrait, the nose was prominent, but not to the proportions of those portrayed by actors. Cyrano de Bergerac was a freeContinue reading “Cyrano’s Apple”