Claude Monet’s Secret Garden

The Guardian in a May 19, 2021 article announced that, after a closure of more than six months, the gardens at Giverny that inspired Monet’s world-famous paintings of water lilies and other masterpieces will reopen. I was reminded of the Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition, “Claude Monet’s Secret Garden” held between June 24 – October 1,Continue reading “Claude Monet’s Secret Garden”

Sunday Evening Reflection: Giverny

Happy Birthday, Claude Monet! I celebrated Claude Monet’s birthday yesterday, November 14, 1840, by going back into my photos of May 15, 2009. That was the day when I first met Claude Monet in his garden, walking along the pathway surrounded by the flowers that inspired his creative spirit. “My garden is my most beautifulContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Giverny”