The Last Letter

Several years ago I read Évelyne Lever’s, “Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France.”  Her writing style was compelling, transporting me back in time, enabling me to pass through the magnificent entrance of Versailles into the living quarters of the iconic Queen.  Under Évelyne Lever’s meticulous research and detail, Marie Antoinette came alive – itContinue reading “The Last Letter”

February 10th & 11th, 1840

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were married on February 10th, 1840, in the Chapel Royal. In the early morning, Prince Albert received a note folded in billet form from Queen Victoria. Dearest, -…How are you to-day, and have you slept well?  I have rested very well, and feel very comfortable to-day.  What weather! I believe,Continue reading “February 10th & 11th, 1840”

Naples & A Wedding

“First gain the victory and then make the best use of it your can.” Horatio Nelson Emma was famous. Sir Charles Greville did not relish being the “lesser half” of a power couple.  He was also in need of a huge injection of funds.  Ever a schemer, his goal was simple.  He would marry HenriettaContinue reading “Naples & A Wedding”

The Legend of a Lady

“She knew that this was happiness, this was living as she had always wished to live.”  Daphne du Maurier, Frenchman’s Creek   The setting: Cornwall, England in the 16th century. The players: Sir John and Lady Elizabeth Killigrew The plot:  Lady Elizabeth vs. Queen Elizabeth I The Killigrews were rich members of the English aristocracy.  InContinue reading “The Legend of a Lady”

All The Queen’s Men

“If England had not used the services of privateers and pirates during its long struggle with Spain, there is some likelihood that people today in North America would be speaking Spanish rather than English.”  Robert Earl Lee, Blackbeard the Pirate They were called the “Sea Dogs.” Queen Elizabeth I was surrounded by dynamic, brilliant, intrepid andContinue reading “All The Queen’s Men”

I Want A Piper, Too!

“We have heard nothing but bagpipes since we have been in the beautiful Highlands and I have become so fond of it that I mean to have a Piper, who can if you like it, pipe every night at Frogmore.” Queen Victoria, in a letter to her mother. The tradition of The Queen’s Piper datesContinue reading “I Want A Piper, Too!”