Celebrating National Hat Day 2022

National Hat Day was celebrated on January 15, 2022. There was a time when no one left their homes without a hat. Over the decades hats have made a slow descent from their peak in the late 1920’s. The usual explanation for the decline is associated with the introduction of public transit and cars. TheseContinue reading “Celebrating National Hat Day 2022”

Sunday Evening Reflection: Kamui Mintara Playground of the Gods

Kamui Mintara (Playground of the Gods), situated on the slopes of Burnaby Mountain Park, a few steps away from the Simon Fraser University campus, was a gift to the City of Burnaby from its Japanese twin City of Kushiro. There is a gentle reverence that pervades the pristine parkland that overlooks the city of Vancouver,Continue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Kamui Mintara Playground of the Gods”