The Spice of Life

  “He who controls the spice controls the universe.”  Frank Herbert, Dune Granville Island has been called the “Stomach of Vancouver.”  When you walk through the doors, breathe deeply to inhale the aromas of fresh fruit, vegetables, coffee, bread and spices.  From the beginning, food and spices have formed a strong bond to create hearty soups,Continue reading “The Spice of Life”

Let’s Talk About Food Wastage

How many tomatoes did you throw away last year?  That is considered food wastage. When you dined at a restaurant, did you leave anything on the plate?  That is considered food wastage. Did you leave any food on the counter overnight by accident and considered it unsafe to eat the next morning?  That is consideredContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Food Wastage”

The Chefs at Work

When I think that my life is crazy-busy, I watch the chefs on the food channels and realize my life is tranquil compared to the bedlam that occurs in a professional kitchen.   Professional chefs wear multiple “hats” and display interdisciplinary talents. They are artists, entrepreneurs, performers, communication experts, instructors and risk-takers.  Here is whatContinue reading “The Chefs at Work”

I Love Food Bloggers

  Food bloggers! I admire, respect, and applaud their remarkable ability to offer the gift of food.  Food preparation takes time, ingenuity, creative flair, and the willingness to experiment.   Food bloggers pick the best of in-season produce, know the various types of flours, use the finest spices and select the best ingredients to generateContinue reading “I Love Food Bloggers”

The Foodie Intellectual

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”  Michael Pollan A friend once told me that she watched the food channels to pick up ideas because “one day” she would have the time to cook and bake.  Over the years, the amount of time spent in the kitchen has dwindled.  We have introduced substituteContinue reading “The Foodie Intellectual”

Food – The Do’s & Don’ts

“Life itself is the proper binge.” Julia Child According to the expects on New Year’s resolution etiquette, dieting and fitness were on the top of many people’s 2013 News Year’s resolution list.  It does not come as a surprise; it’s been on every New Year’s resolution list for as long as I can remember.  PickContinue reading “Food – The Do’s & Don’ts”