A Social Reformer On Joy

  Henry Ward Beecher was a charismatic clergyman, reformer, abolitionist and speaker.  Born into a family that was famous for producing social crusaders, he was especially close to his sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe, the writer of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” His other well-known siblings included educators, Catherine Beecher and Reverend Thomas Beecher, and activists Charles BeecherContinue reading “A Social Reformer On Joy”

A Humble Spirit

I was visiting Henrietta’s Hippo and was inspired by her thoughts on humbleness.  I have heard of eating humble pie, which seems as if someone is going through some type of penance.  I have heard of a humble home, which has the connotation that someone is living in gentile poverty. The word “humble” seems toContinue reading “A Humble Spirit”