The Eureka Moment

“Eureka! – I have found it!” Archimedes   I have often wondered about Eureka moments, sometimes known as an epiphany, which incidentally comes to us from the ancient Greeks, signifying a manifestation or striking appearance.   In the past, it was considered an insight given by the divine, or the supernatural, whereas today, it has lostContinue reading “The Eureka Moment”

Hipparchia’s Great Love

“Not one tower does my country have, not one roof, But for home and city, the entire earth lies, At my disposition for a dwelling.” Diogenes Laertius, on a Cynic’s view of the world The moment Hipparchia of Maroneia, saw Crates of Thebes, the renowned Cynic philosopher, she was passionately and irrevocably in love.  Nothing, not even herContinue reading “Hipparchia’s Great Love”