Sunday Evening Reflection: Paris

Ah, Paris! A city of many stories found in every street corner, cafe and pastry shop. Art, fashion, music, literature come together with vibrancy and elegance. Famous for the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Moulin Rouge and Eiffel Tower, Paris has become La Ville-Lumière – The City of Light. I have been reading Gertrude Stein’s “TheContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Paris”

Travel the World

Travelling appears to be in our DNA.  Given the migration patterns throughout the centuries, travelling appears to be a survival impulse, a necessity for continued existence. Today, we travel to explore, have fun and flee the chains of labour.  We plan our vacations with careful precision; when we return to reality, we are already planningContinue reading “Travel the World”

Art Nouveau in Paris – Art in Action

The first thing I noticed about Paris was its transit stations called Métropolitain (French: Métro de Paris). And there is a reason – influenced by Art Nouveau, it is art in action, a symbol of the city famous for art and culture. May 10th marks the beginning of my study of Art Nouveau. Check out chasingContinue reading “Art Nouveau in Paris – Art in Action”