Celebrating Robert Burns

On January 25, 2022, the world will commemorate Robert Burns, affectionately known as Rabbie Burns, with a Burns Supper on the day of his birth. The great Scottish poet and lyricist has been honoured with titles of National Bard, Bard of Ayrshire and the Ploughman Poet. He penned in the language of the Scots, evenContinue reading “Celebrating Robert Burns”

Sarah’s Gift

My sister, Sarah, and I receive the same “Poem-A-Day e-mail, which is a great way to start to a new day. On New Year’s Eve, I received a text from Sarah alerting me to a poem that had come to her inbox. The poem had arrived a few days before Sarah’s text. With our recentContinue reading “Sarah’s Gift”

To Autumn by John Keats

We have entered the Autumn season of gold and red, frost and waning afternoon sunshine. When I walk among the falling leaves, I think the English Romantic poet, John Keats, who penned his last major work in 1819. “To Autumn” is a profound tribute to the season that bids farewell to summer and awaits theContinue reading “To Autumn by John Keats”

An Evening with Alfred Lord Tennyson

How do we experience poetry? This is the question I have been considering for several years. A poem can be read from a page while sitting on a comfy chair in front of a roaring fire, on a sandy beach, in a library or on public transit. Poetry is portable. A poem can be heardContinue reading “An Evening with Alfred Lord Tennyson”

Farewell to Summer

Autumn has come, carrying a crisp wind from the north, signaling the arrival of a new season. The leaves are transitioning to the golden reds and browns, eagerly waiting for the freedom to float in the air in their descent to the ground Next to me is a pot of freshly brewed tea called MysticContinue reading “Farewell to Summer”

Songs For The People

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper lived an extraordinary life during extraordinary times. Born in Baltimore in September 24, 1824 and orphaned at an early age, she was destined to become a prominent abolitionist, temperance and women’s suffrage activist. She used poetry to advocate for a compassionate society. “Songs for the People” speaks of embracing a spiritContinue reading “Songs For The People”