Travelling to Staffa

Welcome to Tobermory! Come with me as I travel back in time to revisit Staffa Island of the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Staffa is positioned 10 kilometres west of Mull and 9 kilometres northeast of Iona.  The Vikings named the island “Staffa”, which comes from the Old Norse which means stave orContinue reading “Travelling to Staffa”

Going back to the Victorian Era – R Smail & Sons, Printers & Stationers

Robert Smail’s Printing Works is the oldest working commercial letterpress printers in the UK – a living museum of Victorian history.  When you walk through the doors marked Printers R Smail & Sons Stationers, you will be taken back to the late 1800’s where echoes of industrialization reverberated across the country.  Inside the two-story buildingContinue reading “Going back to the Victorian Era – R Smail & Sons, Printers & Stationers”

Berwick-upon-Tweed’s Riding the Bounds

Serendipity comes to surprise at unexpected moments.   May 1, 2015, Don, Thomas and I travelled from Edinburgh, Scotland to Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, a small distance of approximately 55 miles or 88 kilometers by train.  It was a beautiful spring day that offered blue skies with intermittent rain clouds. We were roaming the Scottish Borders, theContinue reading “Berwick-upon-Tweed’s Riding the Bounds”

The Battle of Culloden April 16, 1746

This year marks the 275th anniversary of Culloden. On April 16, 1746, The Battle of Culloden, the final confrontation of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 will be commemorated this year, virtually. Culloden was the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil. The forces loyal to Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Young Pretender, were defeatedContinue reading “The Battle of Culloden April 16, 1746”

Craigdarroch Castle

Our first visit to Craigdarroch Castle was in 1978. Over the years, we have returned to the “Castle” many times to feel a sense of history. There are many stories held safe within these walls. Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy coal baron, wanted a family residence for his wife, Joan, and children. With 39 rooms andContinue reading “Craigdarroch Castle”

The Call of the Bagpipes – The Argyllshire Gathering

“The Oban Games – The Argyllshire Gathering – is one of the largest in Scotland and attracts international visitors and competitors to its events, many of which are for Scottish championship titles.” Oban, UK January 25, 2021, the world will be celebrating Robert Burns. To commemorate and prepare for this event, I have returned toContinue reading “The Call of the Bagpipes – The Argyllshire Gathering”