Art Brings Us Hope

Art is a reminder that, even during an uncertain and complex time, there is reason for hope. The Covid-19 pandemic, within a few short weeks, changed the world in which we live. The virus affected every aspect of our lives, from the way we work to the way we socialize. One of the most significantContinue reading “Art Brings Us Hope”

The Missing Piece

When I walk to a favourite bakery, I chose a path that will take me by “The Missing Piece” mural by the artist iHeart. There is a positive energy that comes from the message of a young girl finding a missing piece and reaching up on her tiptoes to find its rightful place in theContinue reading “The Missing Piece”

Sunday Evening Reflection: Untitled

The Vancouver Mural Festival commemorated its 5th Year of bringing art to the buildings of Vancouver.   In three weeks, from August 18 to September 7, artists from around the world came together to create over sixty murals in nine neighbourhoods.   Vancouver Mural Festival 2020 embraced the power of art to give hope. During aContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Untitled”

Sunday Evening Reflection – Good Things Will Come

Walking is a way to see the world through stories. Every street and road holds narratives created by those who have traveled the path. Memories live within locations, in walls, windows, doors, archways. As I walk, I add my own chapter by imagining the laughter, conversations, events that occurred over the years. A blogger friendContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection – Good Things Will Come”

Sunday Evening Reflection – Artist in Action

“Public art does more than beautify neighborhoods. It connects community, inspires creativity, transforms public spaces and enriches individual lives.” Vancouver Mural Festival Every year I look forward to the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF). There is a creative energy that pervades the entire city. It is a celebration that is marked by street parties and eventsContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection – Artist in Action”