Biking for Survival


“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”  H.G. Wells

I am an avid walker…so I’ve reworked the quote to read:

“When I see  adults on their feet, I do not despair for the future of our health costs.”

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The Waterfall Building


“Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun.”
Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

It is known as the Waterfall Building – another architectural landmark designed by our Arthur Erickson. Every time I pass by, I stop for a few moments just to enjoy the sounds of water, before I move on…



An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear side by side. I have captured an oxymoron in this photo!  I have every confidence that one day I’ll take a photo of a bike, rather than a car, beside this bike rack.  I will then have captured a tautology….

Grammar can be exciting!

The Totem Pole


I headed out to Granville Island early this morning to meet a friend for coffee.  I chose the pathway that would lead me to the Totem Pole that stands amongst the trees, tall enough to watch over the entire Island.  It is a good start to the morning…

Totem Pole – Granville Island. Vancouver, B.C.

“If you talk to the animals they will talk with you
and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them
you will not know them, and what you do not know
you will fear. What one fears one destroys.”

Chief Dan George, Chief of the Salish Band in Burrard Inlet, B.C.

There be Dragon….Boats and Ducks


Capturing moments is not that difficult, but there are two perquisites:

1)      You need to keep your eyes open and

2)      Have a camera ready to go

I was taking my new camera out for a spin and was trying to figure out how to use the video options.  I got lucky!  I found the right button just at the point of convergence of dragons, ducks & water taxis.

Do you see the ducks?  Look for the specks. I was anxious for a split second, but they are amazing navigators.   They are able to thrive in the midst of turmoil…

P.S.  This is my first video upload – I’m making progress…

The Lady with the Umbrella


The day was perfect – it was raining and there was a subtle mist coming off the ground. “I’m going out,” I said as I headed towards the door, camera in hand. “The lady with the umbrella and I have an appointment.”

The first time I saw the lady with the umbrella was when I was driving past her in a car. She was standing on the grass just off the sidewalk, her umbrella stretched out as protection. I waved and promised to come by on a rainy day.

My  lady shimmered in the rain, merging quietly into the greenery. But she turned out to be Apollo, a sculpture by Bruce Voyce. I have a feeling that the umbrella is really a representation of the sun. Still, I will always think of her as my beautiful lady with the umbrella.

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Art can instill a sense of connectivity to our environment. Sculpture can interconnect the realms of art, science, nature and humanity. Public art can act as a unified gesture of permanence. Nature gently reclaims technology; the landscape is integrated with the art, and the art with the land. With these sculptures the environment becomes a theatre, creating a world of possibilities and wonder.

Bruce Voyce