Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms

“What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.” Kobayashi Issa, Poems Kobayashi Issa speaks of the beauty of life and the fragility of existence. The brevity of life and the transient beauty of cherry blossoms compels us to reflect on the briefness of a human life. There is a subtle call to action,Continue reading “Spring Under the Cherry Blossoms”

Tancho Crane – Sister Cities Kushiro & Burnaby

“Burnaby was one of the first communities in Canada to recognize the economic and cultural opportunities of “friendships” with Asian cities and has supported a very active sister city relationship with Kushiro, Japan since 1965.” City of Burnaby In 2005, The City of Burnaby celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Exchange Affiliation agreement with KushiroContinue reading “Tancho Crane – Sister Cities Kushiro & Burnaby”