Kindness Day 2015


“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.”

Albert Schweitzer



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19 thoughts on “Kindness Day 2015

  1. The story of Albert Schweitzer was one I loved to hear when I was a child. Here’s another day for you to celebrate, World Hello Day. An important day considering what is happening in the world. I will make a point of greeting 10 people on 21 November. And if I can work in 10 different languages so much the better.


    1. Oh, Gallivanta! What a marvelous idea. I will be celebrating World Hello Day with you on November 21st. In fact, I think that I will start a little earlier. You continue to inspire me, my dear friend!

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  2. A beautiful rose sits on an barely noticeable prickly stem, ignoring the sting if one is careless, easily done as we are taken by the beauty of Albert Schweitzer’s words expressing the positive accomplishment of constant kindness. There is symbolism and or the making of metaphoric composition in the beautiful but prickly picture linked Albert’s words.

    And now for a bit of confusion…When I hear the word constant, I can’t help thinking of LeCarrΓ©’s constant gardener, (especially with your roses) in spite of the tragic end of the constant gardener ‘s triste end. It gets worst…nor can I help thinking of a nearby neighbour, whom we have nicked named the constant constructor, for he has been rebuilding his house and home, on a near daily, year round basis for the last 13 years, that I know of, which is when I bought a home here in the Townships.

    Pardon my nonsense… but inevitably your most interesting posts, always stir up images of one kind or another, though usually, hopefully more intelligent ones. Thanks Rebecca.


    1. Thank you, Jean-Jacques, for your profound thoughts on symbolism. Over the past few years, I have become more aware of the importance of symbols within our daily lives. I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson that said “We are symbols, and we inhabit symbols.” Happy Kindness Day, my dear friend.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments and insight. I take great comfort that, while we live on opposite sides of the continent, we walk the same pathway. And I know that there are many others who walk beside us. Hugs coming your way…

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  3. Today is World Hello Day, as one who has joined this dialogue has written to us. It is good to remember that 180 countries all over the world are observing this day. What a good way to promote peace–even something as simple as a smile and a word “hello”, It is significant, I think, to be able to observe this day with the likes of 31 Nobel Peace Prize winners. Kindness and Hope to those around us doesn’t require riches or fame–just a smile and a “hello”

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