Poetry in the Evening with Robbie Cheadle

Welcome to Poetry in the Evening. I am honoured that Robbie Cheadle has given me permission to recite her poem, “We love you, Daddy, from her book “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, a collection of unusual poems. This poem reminds me of my Father, who passed several years ago. Even now, the memories of our conversations, whichContinue reading “Poetry in the Evening with Robbie Cheadle”

James Bay Coffee & Books

My father taught me that in every city, a used bookstore is waiting to be explored! Traveling to Victoria, British Columbia a few weeks ago, I was delighted to discover James Bay Coffee and Books located at 143 Menzies Street. I invite you to visit this remarkable treasure house of books with me! A townContinue reading “James Bay Coffee & Books”

Voices of The Air at the Abkhazi Garden

“Their garden became the focus of their own artistic creativity.  Working with a magnificent site, they chose to explore its possibilities; not be stifled by its limitations…  Later in life Peggy would admit that “the garden became our child.” The Land Conservancy The Abkhazi Garden is known as The Garden that Love Built.  The storyContinue reading “Voices of The Air at the Abkhazi Garden”

Ghostly Encounters

In our travels to Victoria, British Columbia, the Bent Mast becomes our go-to place for there is always a warm welcome.  Did you know that The Bent Mast, this House has ghostly encounters? In my experience, I have found that unusual paranormal activities are best experienced before breakfast, in the morning light, rather than inContinue reading “Ghostly Encounters”

Craigdarroch Castle

Our first visit to Craigdarroch Castle was in 1978. Over the years, we have returned to the “Castle” many times to feel a sense of history. There are many stories held safe within these walls. Robert Dunsmuir, a wealthy coal baron, wanted a family residence for his wife, Joan, and children. With 39 rooms andContinue reading “Craigdarroch Castle”

Sunday Evening Reflection: Shh…The Herons are Nesting

Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia brings the abundance of nature into vibrant city life. Situated along the shore of Juan de Fuca Strait, the 200 acres of pristine parkland was originally set aside as a protected area in 1858 by Sir James Douglas, governor of the Colony of Vancouver. Beacon Hill Park’s traditional name,Continue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Shh…The Herons are Nesting”