Ampersand by Ricky Alvarez

“Life is nothing without friendship.” Marcus Tullius Cicero I often use the ampersand in my writing, but I never thought to consider the origin of this symbol, until I encountered Ricky Alvarez’s sculpture, Ampersand. The ampersand (&) is an ancient symbol that can be traced back to the 1st century A.D., to Marcus Tullius CiceroContinue reading “Ampersand by Ricky Alvarez”

Sunday Evening Reflection: The Campbell Sisters Dancing a Waltz

National Galleries Scotland is one of my most favorite galleries. Perhaps it is because I feel that I have come home, welcomed by the artistic energy that pervades the spacious rooms. I feel a profound sense of history and destiny as I take in the paintings and sculptures. I am connecting with the artists andContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: The Campbell Sisters Dancing a Waltz”

Sunday Evening Reflection: Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea

“Nothing endures but change.”Heraclitus Every city has its legends and histories. One of Vancouver’s legends happened in Leg-in-Boot Square, Vancouver 1887, when a human leg still strapped in a boot was reported to the local constabulary. July 2018, the “Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea” gave a hearty nod to Leg-in-Boot square,Continue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea”

Sunday Evening Reflection: The Moss Lady

“Even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps make something of the world.”  Heraclitus, Fragments Sleep is our best friend, bringing us the gifts of good health and well-being and allowing us to live our best life. In our joy of being awake, we cannot forget that sleep allows us manyContinue reading “Sunday Evening Reflection: The Moss Lady”

Remembrance Day 2019: Lest We Forget

“The Homecoming” by sculptor Morgan MacDonald Tonight, as the twilight closes in on November 11th, Remembrance Day, I think of my Father who was one who came back from WWII. The day he left home for the first time, in a soldier’s uniform at 18 years of age, he remembered hearing his mother playing aContinue reading “Remembrance Day 2019: Lest We Forget”

The Unsolved Mystery of Leg-in-Boot

The year 1887. They found a human leg trapped in a boot. As the story is remembered, the leg washed up on the shore of False Creek. No one claimed it, even though it was prominently displayed in the local police station for all to view. No one showed up or even appeared to beContinue reading “The Unsolved Mystery of Leg-in-Boot”